Dr Glenn & Partners Medical Imaging is committed to supporting our referring general practitioners and specialists with up-to-date information and helpful resources relating to new technologies and advancements in diagnostic imaging.

Referral Letters

For your convenience, you may order various referral forms online for our medical imaging services. If you wish to obtain the PDF of any referral forms below, please contact us.

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Reporting / PACS

Dr Glenn & Partners Medical Imaging are dedicated to providing our referring doctors with the highest quality, specialised service. We have embraced the use of information technology to provide fast, effective and accurate communication between our referrers and our staff.

Further to this, we have recently commissioned a comprehensive PACS system for digital storage of images with the ability to provide referring doctors with online access to patient images and data.

If you would like to take advantage of this new technology, register for online access by clicking on ‘Apply for Account’ on our PACS site.

Electronic Delivery of Radiology Reports

Using HealthLink, a leading secure messaging service provider, your reports will be encrypted and signed with our digital certificate and digitally transferred via a secure socket layer internet process to an EDI account at your practice. There are no costs associated to you for using this service.

If you would like to receive your reports electronically or require further information, please call your nearest Dr Glenn & Partners location.